Daisy Salgado

Being in love with helping others her whole life, Daisy Salgado has participated in many Merced County community events but primarily in her Livingston hometown. Being tri-lingual, and with Sign-language being her primary language, Daisy, with the help of her parents, has successfully been able to bring the Livingston community closer by offering free sign-language classes.  In 2017 Daisy was the keynote speaker at the Young Women’s       Conference where she shared in front of thousands of young women some of the hardships she has had to overcome in life and how she became a successful young business owner at age 21. In 2012 with very hard work  Daisy opened her very own Farmers Insurance Agency located at 2801 Winton Way in Atwater. Where she not only helps the Merced County residents select insurance plans to best fit theirs and their family needs but she also educates them so they understand the importance of proper coverage. On her free time, Daisy enjoys traveling the world learning other cultures and lifestyles, being able to bring back those once in a lifetime experiences. Her hopes are to one day be able to participate in assisting a 3rd world country. Daisy is very excited and honored to be president of the MCHCC Scholarship Foundation where she can’t wait to put her leadership and experience into helping shape an even stronger Scholarship Foundation.