Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce?

The Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary 501 c (6) non-profit organization, which
has been in existence since 1947. With an excess of 48 percent of Hispanic population in Merced County, it
is obvious that the Hispanic Chamber has a strong influence in our area. Consequently, the Hispanic
Chamber has far-reaching implications by having access to the buying power, labor market, and economic
development of the Hispanic population in our County.

The Chamber’s membership consists of Hispanic and non-Hispanic businesses and professional individuals
who all share a mutual desire to ensure a healthy economic and socio-economic base to benefit Merced
County and its communities.

What does the Merced County Hispanic Chamber do?

The mission of the Hispanic Chamber is to promote Hispanic and non-Hispanic businesses and
professionals; encourage economic development (business and industrial/manufacturing investments);
provide a forum in which business issues are advocated; to encourage, network and market our
membership’s products and services, and to create partnerships that will benefit and enhance the business
climate and community throughout Merced County.

Additionally, the Hispanic Chamber supports a local education system that inspires the highest levels of
student achievement and learning opportunities; and promotes a health care system that cares for the
critical needs of our citizens.

How does the Merced County Hispanic Chamber work?

The Hispanic Chamber is governed by its Board of Directors, which determines the policies and programs of
the Hispanic Chamber. The Board of Directors employs an Executive Director whose responsibility is to
organize and execute the Chamber’s programs and carry out its policies.

Who Finances the Merced County Hispanic Chamber?

The Hispanic Chamber obtains its finances from the dues collected from its membership. The Chamber is run like a business, incurring operational costs and expenses and works within the budget of its organization.

You and the Merced County Hispanic Chamber

Through your involvement with the Hispanic Chamber, every Chamber member contributes to an organizational effort that benefits the local business economy while promoting your business.

When should I join the Merced County Hispanic Chamber?

TODAY! The opportunities available to you as a Hispanic Chamber member are profitable and rewarding.

Why join the Merced County Hispanic Chamber:

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce works to enhance its members’ ability to conduct their business successfully by providing the following benefits:

  • Develop Business Connections:  Hispanic Chamber can put you in touch with individuals and/or companies that could result in new clients and customers.
  • Provide Business Referrals:  The Hispanic Chamber receives numerous requests each year for recommendations on products or services to be purchased in the area.  We refer our members to local residents, newcomers, visitors and requesting such products and services.
  • Membership Directory Listing:  Members will be included in the Hispanic Chamber’s on-line directory website listing.  This provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to search for your specific products or services.
  • Seminars and Workshops:  Throughout the year the Hispanic Chamber presents information on seminars and workshops on issues relating to small business development, current and upcoming legislative issues affecting business and other related information at little or no cost. 
  • Business Connectors and Ribbon Cuttings:  Our Business Connectors and ribbon cuttings are a great setting for providing business-to-business networking opportunities to establish new relationships and business contacts.  MCHCC Members host an open house or ribbon cutting at their business location inviting attendees to a first-hand view of their products or services.
  • Committee Meetings:  Members may participate in activities and/or special events through various committees offered by the Hispanic Chamber.  These committees offer the opportunities to join professional business people in sharing interests and other aspects of the Hispanic Chamber.
  • Discounts:  As a benefit of membership, some of our members provide discounts to other members of MCHCC. Member to member discounts is a great way to get more out of your membership while keeping local connections as well as keeping business at a local level.

All new members will also receive the following:

  • Your individual/business name will appear on the home page of the Hispanic Chamber’s website as a new member.
  • New members will be introduced at one of the MCHCC Business Connectors and will be presented with their membership plaque.