Membership Benefits

Make New Business Contacts

Networking at MCHCC events will help you connect with potential customers, vendors and meet other
business owners. Networking opportunities, such as monthly mixers and ribbon cuttings, will help you
expand your prospect base and meet new people.

Market Your Products and Services

Take advantage of MCHCC marketing opportunities such as our quarterly e-newsletter, our weekly emails,
website, and social media platforms. You will reach hundreds of business owners and potential customers,
anxious to learn more about your products and services. Plenty of advertising and sponsorship opportunities
exist through the Hispanic Chamber’s events, programs, website and publications.

Invest in a Healthy Economy

The Hispanic Chamber assists companies that are relocating to Merced County, entrepreneurs starting a
business, or owners expanding their businesses. This means more jobs and more customers for you. Your
investment in the Hispanic Chamber helps to promote growth in our community.

Increase Your Presence on the Internet

Your business will be listed in the Hispanic chamber’s online Business Directory; thereby expanding your
market area even if you do not have a website or internet access.

Get Involved

There’s nothing more rewarding than volunteering your time and talent to make the community where you
live and work a better place. As a member of the Hispanic Chamber, you will help sustain and improve the
quality that you and your employees enjoy. Membership in the Hispanic Chamber is an investment in your
business future.

Heighten Your Community’s Visibility

Announce your membership by displaying the MCHCC membership plaque in your business and on your
website. Your membership gives your business credibility, visibility and marketability.

Learn New Skills for Small Business Success

The Hispanic Chamber is in partnership with Merced’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to help
your business get the tools needed to succeed. Our partnership with SBDC will allow you to attend
workshops and training beneficial to you and your employees.