Joanna Grimes

Joanna R. Grimes has been a resident of Merced for 32 years, moving to Merced while her father served in the Air Force at Castle AFB. Previously she lived overseas in Japan and in Central America, Panama. She embraces her Panamanian heritage and is grateful for the impact living overseas made on her as a young child. Joanna is a graduate of Merced High and received an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies from Merced Community College, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Human Development, Master of Education Degree in School Counseling and Administration, both from California State University Stanislaus. Joanna has served in various capacities in education for over 22 years, both in K-12 and Higher Education. Most recently with Merced Community College as the temporary Director of Instructional Special Projects and Services, and currently as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology. She has worked with local, State and non-profit entities throughout her career as well. Joanna is also an entrepreneur with two small businesses and currently in the process of founding her first non-profit. She enjoys working with people and giving back to her community through servitude and creating opportunities for community development. Her passion lies in serving youth and individuals by providing and creating opportunities for them to reach their goals and attain their dreams through education and personal development. Joanna loves spending time with her family, two beautiful daughters and granddaughter. She enjoys traveling, music, dancing, food and the arts. Joanna is currently a court appointed advocate with CASA and a certified advocate for Central Valley Crisis Center. She served as the Vice President for the MCHCC Scholarship Foundation from October 2022 through May of 2023, before transitioning to her new role as President for the MCHCC Scholarship Foundation.