Diana Odom Gunn

Diana Odom Gunn is the Community Liaison for San Joaquin Drug, a “Mom & Pop” pharmacy in Planada. San Joaquin Drug has been a Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce member for over 20 years.

Diana has volunteered and been involved with Merced County nonprofits since 2016. As President of the Merced Downtown Neighborhood Association for the past five year, as Board member of Binational Health Week since 2014, the Laura Fountain Restoration Ad-hoc Committee since 2021, the Merced County Public Health Community Partners on Covid19 since 2020, and as consultant to the Board of Planada in Action. She is also an appointed Commissioner for the Merced Arts and Culture Advisory Commission since 2018. In October she runs an Annual Health Fair at San Joaquin Drug pharmacy,  actively participates in free food distributions in Planada, and distributed free at-home COVID tests for the United Way project in Merced County.
Becoming a Director of the Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 2016 serving until 2019, she was instrumental in setting up the Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Foundation.  She believes that empowerment of small business leaders is critical for the Merced community and that Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce empowers members to thrive.