Elena Gomez

Elena's Bio

My name is Elena Elouise, I proudly work for Merced County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services. In 2014 I moved to Merced to pursue my career in a local Assisted Living Facility, where I soon found myself working as the Community Relations Coordinator. During my tenure as a CRC I found myself drawn to the non-profit sector, specifically with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I attended a few events held by MCHCC and enjoyed them greatly; in 2018, when the opportunity came forward to work for MCHCC, I jumped. 

Life moved forward and I welcomed my first child, Willow, in February 2020, right before the start of the global pandemic. I had to make a tough decision, as many stay-at-home parents do, to pause my career to care for my child in uncertain times. A few short months after making that decision, I reached back out to MCHCC for an ambassadorship as my best work is working for my community. I was greatly missing it and I’ve happily been in an ambassador role since. I’m an avid angler and sharing my passion for fishing with my daughter is my greatest joy. As with many single parents, finding a work/life balance can prove to be difficult, and adding volunteerism can add to the day-to-day chaos but that fulfillment I receive from my continued community work makes the occasional chaotic day worth it.