Elena Gomez

Elena's Bio

My name is Elena Gomez, I’m a former Community Relations Coordinator for a local Assisted Living
Community. I was born in raised in Madera and Fresno, where I volunteered for multiple non-profit
organizations and participated in community organized events. I took college courses while in High
School and graduated High School holding my Nursing Assistant Certificate and attended a trade school
to get my Medical Assistant Certificate with a focus on business and office management.
In 2014 I moved to Merced to pursue my career in a local Assisted Living Facility, where I quickly moved
up in the ranks and found myself soon thereafter working as the Community Relations Coordinator.
During my tenure as a CRC I found myself drawn, once again, to the non-profit sector, specifically with
the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I attended a few events held by MCHCC and enjoyed them greatly
so when the opportunity came forward to work for MCHCC I jumped at the chance.
Life moved forward and I welcomed my first child, Willow, in February of 2020, right before the start of
a global pandemic. I had to make a very hard decision, as many stay-at-home parents do, and decided to
pause my career to care for my child and allow my spouse to further his career. A few short months
after making that decision, I reached back out to MCHCC for an ambassadorship as my best work is
working for my community, and I was greatly missing it!
I’m an avid angler, most weekends I can be found at a local lake, and I cannot wait to further share my
love of fishing with my daughter. Some of my favorite pastimes include reading, watching historic
dramas (think Downton Abbey), furthering my photoshop skills and spending time with my friends and
family. I’m a fourth generation Chicana and come from a very large family, filled with nurses,
entrepreneurs, laborers, businesswomen and athletes, (to name a few) all of us fulfilling the dreams of
our immigrant Great-Grandparents.