Uriah Perez

Uriah's Bio

 Born in Merced raised in Atwater Uriah is no stranger to doing big things in his community. In 2006 he created a mobile Dj business his junior year of high school. Graduating in 2007 from Buhach Colony his talents were soon recognized landing him on tour for some of the top artist that were out during that time. From 2006-2013 aside from throwing events in clubs/concerts he worked with the P.A.L program in Atwater. A program that catered to working with the youth on enrichment and recreational activities.   

In 2013 when Uriah met his wife and future son, he decided to leave the music scene behind and solely focus on his family. During this time, he worked at Centurion Supreme boats and after six months with the company, he was promoted to Department Supervisor. In 2016 he decided to step back on to the music scene and began holding club residencies in Merced County and its surrounding area. Then in 2017 he got the exciting news that his wife was expecting and decided to focus on his family. He then became a life coach working with The Haven, an adult day program in Atwater for clients with down-syndrome, autism, and other disabilities. He loved and enjoyed what he did, he always loved being the voice for others who needed someone in their corner to believe in them.  

                In 2020 after losing his job and all his events/gigs due to covid Uriah began a new journey of self-employment. From creating furniture out of old pallets, selling USB flash drives of his mixes to launching his own morning mix/talk show on a streaming service called Twitch. Uriah found remarkable success sharing his story of fighting depression and suicide with others during his mix/talk shows. It was with that success Uriah launched his company BlessUP Clothing LLC. The meaning behind his brand motivated him to keep telling his story with those going through similar events in their life. From then on, his morning mix/talk show landed him doing guest DJ spots on major radio stations in his area and beyond. 

In 2021 Uriah began to DJ mix shows on Fresno’s Mega 97.9, Reno’s Wild 102.9, Fresno’s Q97.1 and as the resident DJ of Splash and Dash Aqua Park in lake McSwain. Uriah continues to tell his story and use his light to encourage others. His BlessUP clothing line has seen great success both online and within Merced County. In August of 2021 he was voted into the Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as a Board of Director. Having strong ties to his community through many years of being a DJ, Uriah looks forward to continuing making a strong positive impact on the Merced County community and its surrounding areas. 

                Going forward in 2022 Uriah’s goals remain the same: to make a difference, no matter how big or small. He continues to do mix shows for radio stations and will be back for his second year of residency at Splash and Dash Aqua Park. He continues to push his BlessUP clothing brand and will begin his new DJ residency at Ravello’s Event Center and The Dive Bar. Furthermore, Uriah also has plans for his very own clothing store on Main Street in Downtown Merced. Doors are expected to be open mid-April.